Our Mission


Our Mission at Gerber California, Inc. is to provide our customers and distribution partners around the world with the highest quality dairy ingredients, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service and logistical support.


About Gerber California, Inc.


Gerber California was established in 1987 as a value added distribution company.  The corporate headquarters is located in San Diego, CA and is supported by satellite offices in Mexico, Chile, and the Netherlands. Companies now realize that specialization in the global marketplace and risk management are essential to ensure continuous and profitable growth.  More than ever before, successful companies rely on Gerber California to supply their dairy ingredients as well as to provide a global insight into the ever evolving dairy industry.  Over the years, in addition to distribution, we have started producing our own high quality dairy products.  All of our formulations are developed with the goal of supplying a highly functional product at the most advantageous price point possible.  Gerber is also willing to develop custom formulations that are tailored to meet our customer’s specific requirements.  We have strategic manufacturing alliances all over the world to take advantage of the best milk pricing available as well as the most favorable exchange rates.  No matter where our products are produced you can be assured that they all meet the same exacting standards.  Gerber California Inc, is a member of the Gerber Goldschmidt Group, a world renowned investment company with food distribution offices worldwide.  Gerber Goldschmidt Group has offices in various locations such as Atlanta, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Harare, London, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Osaka and Zug.